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Looking for a Training Program on Academic Publishing?

To ensure that your research gets published in international journals is a challenging experience. Would it not be easy to prepare yourself for the publication journey?

Enago Learn is an e-learning platform that has information on the end-to-end publication process. The courses on Enago Learn have been developed by publishing experts having >15 years in the academic publishing industry. As an author, through Enago Learn, you will be able to improve your chances of publishing manuscripts in international peer-reviewed journals.

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Roger Watson

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Nursing & Nursing Open

With >25 years of experience in publishing, Dr Watson has had the opportunity to extensively contribute to the industry. He was instrumental in making Journal of Advanced Nursing the largest academic nursing journal in the world. He has served as sub-panel member of the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. He is the founding member of the Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing. Currently, he is the Professor of Nursing at University of Hull.


Ms. Louise Russell

ex-COO, Ingenta

With >15 years of experience in publishing, Ms Russell has worked in various domains related to editorial operations and marketing divisions in the publishing industry. She has served as the ex-General Manager, Kudos, and was part of the core team that launched the platform in 2013. She is currently the Chair of Professional Development Committee, ALPSP, and has previously been a consultant for BMJ, F1000, and Kudos. She has also been the ex-Senior Vice President of the Scholarly Division at Ingenta and helped develop the Ingenta Connect and pub2web platform.

Mr. Duncan Nicholas

ex-Managing Editor, Taylor & Francis

With >12 years of experience in publishing, Mr. Nicholas has had extensive experience of working in the editorial division of Taylor & Francis. At T&F, he was responsible for managing more than 30 journals. He has been the founding member of Journal Development Team at T&F. He has extensive expertise in peer review and editorial management. He is the Council Member of European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and Chair of the 2017-2018 Organizing committee of ISMTE. He is also a member of an organization like ALPSP, INASP, SSP, ISMTE, and EASE.

Dr. Nello Spiteri

ex-Director for Innovation & Business Development, Elsevier

With >30 years of experience in publishing, Dr. Spiteri has worked closely with journal editors, publishers, and researchers. He has been an ex-Publishing Director for Elsevier and a Senior Consultant for Nature Publishing Group. He helped develop additional publishing programs and managed a portfolio of over 100 international health science journals and published around 30 new book titles per year at Elsevier. He has been responsible for strategic planning and geographical expansion of journals in Germany, Spain, France, and Italy for Elsevier. He currently works as international publishing consultant to scientific, technical and medical publishers as well as professional academic and medical societies.

Features of Enago Learn



Why Enago Learn?


Enago Learn is an exclusive training platform covering all aspects of academic publishing. Our courses have been designed to assist graduate students, researchers, and professors in providing a comprehensive knowledge-sharing platform on academic publishing. Whether you are a student, researcher, or professor, our courses have been designed to address your challenges.


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