Publishing in Humanities

taught by Dr Jan de Beer

Course description

Studies in the Humanities are as multi-faceted, creative and rich as humans themselves. Human culture, human history, human art, human survival, human exploration are all elements of the science of Humanities. Authors in the Humanities are not merely writing; they are indeed celebrating the rich heritage of being human. The goal of this course on publishing in Humanities is to assist aspiring and young authors in the Humanities with that celebration.

We will be focusing on the following aspects in this course:

  • Important research concepts
  • Definition of Humanities 
  • Methods, methodology and research design
  • Practical considerations
Dr Jan de Beer
Dr Jan de Beer
Researcher, Woosong University

Dr. de Beer is a distinguished publishing expert with >25 years of experience in academia. He is an accomplished researcher, public speaker, mentor, and a published author. Till date, he has taught courses related to research methodology, communication, human development, social interaction and behavior, and leadership training. Dr. de Beer has completed his PhD in Science of Religion and Missiology (2009) from the University of Pretoria, where he also worked as a research associate from 2010 to 2013. He then started his own publication company, known as Davidstar Publications, through which he has published several books and was responsible for translating books from Afrikaans to English. In 2016, he completed his CELTA certification that is issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Since 2017, he has been associated with Woosong University as an Assistant Professor, helping prospective ESL researchers improving their awareness of research and publishing and developing course material and training programs.

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