Data Presentation: Charts, Figures, and Tables (Advanced)

Increased Awareness of Concepts for Presenting Research Data | taught by Mr. John Bond

Course description

For early-stage researchers, a very important change taking place is the increased usage of image-, numerical, and computer-based data as part of their research. To adapt to this change, journals are also encouraging researchers to share data with their potential readers. Also, it is becoming increasingly critical to ensure authentic data is being published and shared with journals at the time of submission.

In this course, we will focus on some important aspects that would help researchers publish data in interactive formats. We will help you understand the type of tools that can be used to develop appropriate charts, figures, and tables. We will also discuss the ethical aspects of image manipulation and potential consequences associated with such practices. At the end of the course, you will have increased understanding of the following:

  • How to develop charts, figures, and tables
  • Understand different resources for charts and figures
  • Awareness of ethical implications of manipulated images/data
  • Understanding how data can be adapted into a visual format
Mr. John Bond
Mr. John Bond
ex-Publisher and Editor

Mr. John Bond founded Riverwinds Consulting to help publishers, associations, and researchers find answers to challenges of publishing. Mr. Bond has been part of the scholarly publishing industry for >25 years. Before Riverwinds Consulting, he was associated with SLACK Incorporated, a medical publisher based in NJ, USA. Mr. Bond has experience of publishing content in multiple formats such as journals, books, and digital products. He has commissioned the publishing of >500 books and >20,000 journal articles in his career. Mr. Bond continues to advocate for libraries as an evolving place for learning and education. As part of Riverwinds Consulting, he continues to work with medical and nursing associations as well as journal and book publishers.


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