Course Description

Enago Academy

Mr. Nicholas has more than 12 years experience in the academic publishing industry. At T&F, he was responsible for managing more than 30 journals and was also the founding member of Journal Development Team. He has been a part of several notable international organizations such as ALPSP, INASP, SSP, ISMTE, and EASE. He is also a Council Member of European Association of Science Editors (EASE) and Chair of the 2017-2018 Organizing committee of ISMTE.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: All about English Grammar

    • All about English Grammar

  • 2

    Chapter 1: All about English Grammar

    • English 101: Difference between Verbs and Nouns

    • How to Improve Clarity in Academic Writing

    • Which Voice Should You Use in Academic Writing?

    • Academic Writing: Maintaining Conciseness in Your Manuscript

    • Academic Writing: Improving Readability in Your Manuscript (Part 1)

    • Academic Writing: Improving Readability in Your Manuscript (Part 2)

    • How to Effectively Structure Your Research Paper

    • Avoid these Common Mistakes When Drafting Your Research Paper

    • Why is English Important in Academic Writing?

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Making the Most of Your Resources Before Preparing Your Manuscript

    • How to Efficiently Decode Academic Literature

    • Know How to Evaluate Your Resources Before Writing (Part 1)

    • Know How to Evaluate Your Resources Before Writing (Part 2)

    • Easy Ways to Search Scientific Literature

    • How Researchers Should Take Notes During a Literature Search

    • Journal Databases: Which One to Use? (Part 1)

    • Journal Databases: Which One to Use? (Part 2)

    • Find Full-text Versions of Research Articles Legally!

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Awareness about Research Ethics

    • Contributorship vs. Authorship: Who Did What?

    • Authorship Guidelines: Who, Why, and in What Order?

    • How to Identify Conflicts of Interest

    • Types of Plagiarism You Need to Know About

    • Quick Paraphrasing Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

    • Academics, Beware of Plagiarism!

    • Why is a Study Protocol Important?

    • 4 Smart Ways to Safeguard the Intellectual Property of Your Research

    • What is Salami Slicing and Why Should You Avoid it?

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Writing a Research Paper

    • 3 Great Ways to Start Drafting Your Manuscript

    • 5 Powerful Tips to Write an Engaging Research Paper

    • 8 Ways to Ensure Your Manuscript Gets a Good Review

    • Choosing the Best References for Your Manuscripts

    • Crafting an Enticing Abstract for Your Research Paper

    • Crafting the Perfect Discussion and Conclusion Section

    • Exclusive Writing Tips for ESL Researchers

    • Expert Editor's Take: How to Edit Your Research Paper

    • Expert Tips on Drafting a Literature Review

    • How to Draft the Results and Discussions Section in a Manuscript

    • How to Present Your Ideas Before Writing a Research Paper

    • Introduction to the Research Writing Process (Part 1)

    • Introduction to the Research Writing Process (Part 2)

    • Manuscript Essentials for Researchers

    • Research Methods vs Research Methodologies: Know the Difference

    • Strategizing the Right Keywords for Your Research Paper

    • Tips to improve the Searchability of Your Research Paper

    • Understanding the 3-Dimensional Manuscript Structure

    • Writing a Great Introduction and Methods Section

  • 6

    Chapter 5: Choosing the Right Journal Made Easy

    • Easy Ways to Select a Target Journal

    • Journal Metrics: Everything You Need to Know

    • How to Judge the Journal Quality

    • Should You Prefer Local Journals for Publishing?

    • How to Select a Journal: Aim, Scope & Readership

    • Open Access: To Publish or Not to Publish

    • 3 Quick Tips Before You Choose a Target Journal

    • Choose the Best Journal for Your Research with these Tools

    • What are the Different Publication Models

    • 5 Nifty Hacks to Spot a Predatory Journal

    • What You Should Know About Legit Journals

    • Check this Before You Choose Your Target Journal