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A Comprehensive E-Learning Program on Academic Writing and Publication Concepts

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Understanding Research Metrics: Impact Factor, Altmetrics, and H-index (Advanced)

With the constant increase in journals and publishers, measuring the impact of published research has become a very important aspect. In this course, we focus on the various metrics that have been developed for authors, research papers, and journals.

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How to Present at International Conferences (Advanced)

In addition to research, researchers need to increase the visibility of their work to increase collaborations and possibilities for funding. In this course, we focus on skills required by researchers for participating in academic conferences.

Mr. John Bond

Important Forms of Presenting Data: Charts, Figures, and Tables (Advanced)

In published studies, readers expect detailed analyses to be shared for each dataset with sufficient details. As experimentation has become more computational, presentation of data has become critically important to researchers.

Dr Jan de Beer

Publishing in Humanities

Studies in the Humanities are as multi-faceted, creative and rich as humans themselves. The goal of this course on publishing in Humanities is to assist aspiring and young authors in the Humanities with that celebration.

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Publishing 101